10 Best Free Calendar Apps for Android

One of the most common ways you can use your Android phone is for time management. There is no more convenient place to store your calendar than on your phone. Here you can quickly review your daily schedule, add reminders so you don’t forget an appointment, or plan your weekly and monthly goals.

Unfortunately, not all calendar programs offer the features you need to be truly productive. Some lack task management. Others lack an intuitive interface. Because of others, you spend more time typing events than just writing them down on paper.

A selection of the best free calendar apps

Below are the top 10 free calendar apps that you can download on your Android right now. These programs were chosen because they passed all the following tests.

  • Integration with Google Calendar (Android default)
  • Features of task management
  • One or more calendar views (not tasks only or calendar only)
  • Intuitive interface

Any of the free calendar apps below will come in handy and help you make the most of your precious time each day.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is installed by default on Android phones. That’s not to say it’s inferior to most Android calendar apps. In fact, it’s one of the most versatile and intuitive calendar programs you could ever hope to use.


  • Daily agenda view with colored blocks for events
  • Day, 3 days, week and month
  • Syncs and displays multiple Google calendar accounts
  • Quickly add goals, reminders, and events


  • There is no task management feature
  • It’s easy to accidentally tap to add a new event
  • Does not integrate with other calendar accounts

2. Business calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 is very similar to Google Calendar; however, it fits more information on a smaller mobile screen. This means less scrolling. You also get a quick overview of your weekly or monthly schedule with less scrolling.

You’ll also have all the same views as Google Calendar. What Google Calendar 2 does Google Calendar is a useful task management feature that integrates tasks directly into your calendar when you add them with a specified due date. Several task lists are available.


  • A more compact look, adapted for small screens of mobile devices
  • Intuitive entry of events and tasks
  • Allows recurring events
  • Combined view of tasks and agenda


  • Some advanced features require a Pro purchase
  • Somewhat general, “typical” calendar style
  • Navigation is not always intuitive

3. aCalendar

If you’re looking for a fresh change, aCalendar is a great free app for Android. The weekly agenda view contains large blocks of days with each day’s events clearly visible. It highlights the current day and includes a side view of the month.

It has the same features as Business Calendar 2, but with one drawback. To use the task management feature, you need to purchase the premium version of the app.


  • Unique calendar views
  • Event search tool
  • Includes gesture technology
  • Very intuitive navigation


  • Task management requires a premium upgrade
  • Limited additional features

4. Digital

The DigiCal calendar app for Android is a fresh take on calendar design. It allows you to choose a white or dark theme on first launch. Additionally, many views include multiple views, such as a month view that also displays your daily schedule on half the screen.

Also, most views are not static like other apps. In the weekly schedule mode, you can scroll through the daily schedule in the field for individual days.


  • Professional, intuitive calendar views
  • Displays more information in one space than other programs
  • Contains current weather information for your location


  • Small obnoxious premium upgrade banners
  • There is no task management feature

5. AnyDo

AnyDo is well known as a powerful task management app. But what many people don’t know is that it’s one of the few cloud-based task management services that integrates a calendar-based agenda view into its app.

AnyDo lets you sync this calendar view with your Google Calendar account so you can easily view events from your Google Calendar alongside all of your AnyDo tasks.


  • Fresh, clean calendar view
  • Integrates calendar tasks and events into a single calendar
  • Multiple task lists to organize tasks
  • Includes recurring tasks and events


  • Only one calendar view is available
  • Limited calendar features compared to other calendar apps
  • Advanced features require a premium upgrade

6. Tiny calendar

You might think that an app called Tiny Calendar would be too simplistic, but it’s not. Small Calendar is very similar to the Google Calendar app, but with a wider view that helps you see more on a small mobile screen.

The Month view also includes a half-screen schedule view so you can see both a long-term and a short-term view of your schedule at the same time.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Allows you to add recurring events
  • More viewing options than most calendar programs
  • Long press enter event prevents accidental entry


  • Task management requires a premium purchase
  • Not as many advanced features as other calendar apps

7. TikTik

The TickTick calendar program is very similar to AnyDo in both appearance and functionality. It’s primarily a task management app, but only provides a weekly agenda view, which is identical to what you’ll find in the AnyDo app.

TickTick lets you add multiple tabs for Pomo time management and habit tracking. Multiple color themes are available and the task management area allows you to create multiple lists.


  • Clean and intuitive interface
  • Very easy to use
  • Swipe to mark an event or task as complete


  • Task management is not as feature-rich as AnyDo
  • Advanced features are not available

8. Achieve

Accomplish is one of the most unique time management and calendar apps that makes it easy to use your calendar app to save time and help you stay focused. This is done through a simple calendar display with large blocks and quick reminder icons that can be dragged up to block other previous events and prevent you from preparing for upcoming events such as meetings.

The time management feature is also well integrated into the app; however, it is not possible to schedule tasks. Instead, they just stay in the taskbar on the left side of the program.


  • Simplicity increases your productivity
  • Add events and tasks quickly and easily


  • Tasks do not include due dates
  • Very limited calendar views are available
  • Navigation is not always intuitive

9. TimeTune

TimeTune is a very simple free calendar app for Android, but it lacks complexity and offers time management features. The calendar view is just a timeline that you have to scroll through to see the days in the future.

However, among the features that this app offers that put it on top are the ability to automate routines in your schedule, advanced forms for entering events and reminders, and useful timers that help you focus on important tasks.


  • Stimulates concentration and productivity
  • The function of innovative procedures
  • Easy Google Calendar Account Sync


  • Advanced features require a premium purchase
  • No multiple calendar views

10. Sectograph planner and time manager

Sectograph is one of the most innovative free Android apps you’ll ever use. Too often, people are so focused on managing their calendar that they forget to focus on the events that are happening in the moment. It’s also easy to be blind to upcoming encounters and then be caught off guard when they do happen.

Sectograph gives you a creative visual display for your day. The red indicator indicates the time of day, as well as what tasks will come and how much time you will spend on them. This makes it very easy to see at a glance how much time you have left for your current task and helps you prepare for upcoming meetings.


  • Integrates with your Google Calendar
  • Nice design
  • Contains a transparent widget for the phone’s home screen


  • Only one view of the calendar
  • No task management
  • For advanced features, you need to purchase the Pro version

Choose the best calendar app for Android

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to Android calendar apps. Making sure the app you’re using syncs with the cloud calendar account you use to store events gives you the option to use one or more apps that offer the features you need. For example, you can use Sectograph to focus on your daily agenda and AnyDo to focus on task management.

The program you choose depends on how you use your calendar and what features will improve your day and help you be more productive.

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