11 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins

When a former reality TV host signs an alleged $100 million deal for a podcast he started on a whim, people think of start their own podcast

If you already have a WordPress website, you are already one step ahead. You just need to somehow integrate your podcast into your WordPress site. Let’s take a look at the 11 best WordPress plugins for your podcast.

The free Blubrry PowerPress plugin allows you to manage your podcast. PowerPress gives you stats, SEO tools, and an easy way to distribute your podcast to major platforms like iTunes and Spotify. It also allows you to add show notes and images.

PowerPress supports most audio and video file types. You don’t have to host your podcast with Blubrry, but it can give you additional features such as IAB certified statistics, the ability to build an entire network, hosting within a content delivery network (CDN) for higher availability and better play to your listeners.

The SimplePodcastPress plugin provides the tools to publish your podcast on your WordPress site. It provides your site with an easy-to-use mobile-friendly player. You can also integrate clickable timestamps so your listeners can go back and listen to key points over and over.

The SimplePodcastPress plugin also offers a variety of call-to-action buttons to make it easier for listeners to communicate. It makes it easy for listeners to become subscribers through platforms like iTunes and Google and to leave reviews. You can also easily have them join your mailing list and share it with friends. The plugin comes in 3 tiers of service, priced from $67 for a single license to $147 for a multi-site license.

In the same vein as SimplePodcastPress and PowerPress, Podlove Podcast Publisher is a solid podcast manager WordPress plugin. Plus, it’s free. In addition to similar features to the other managers, Podlove also has chapter support so you can structure your podcasts even better. You can also post links directly to any point in your podcast.

Podlove’s flexible template system is also intriguing. All your podcasts can be published with one visual style and easily changed to a completely different one later. There is no need to change them one by one.

If you are looking for an easy way to put a podcast on your WordPress site, without all the administrative features, consider the Compact WP Audio Player plugin. It is a simple HTML5 + Flash hybrid audio player. When displayed, it can be as simple as just a play button.

Use a simple shortcode to embed an audio file on any page or post on your site. It’s as simple as [sc_embed_player fileurl=”URL OF THE MP3 FILE”]† The only downside is that it only supports .mp3 and .ogg file formats.

Reviews on iTunes are one of the best ways to measure the success of a podcast. But it can be a pain to constantly go to iTunes to see how your ratings are going. That’s where the free iTunes Podcast Review Manager WordPress plugin comes in.

iTunes Podcast Review Manager is a back-end WordPress tool. That means it’s more for you to see than for your listeners. With the plugin installed, you can view your international reviews from one place in your WordPress dashboard.

Like Blubrry PowerPress, Libsyn Publisher Hub is an all-in-one podcast manager. Some of its features include advanced scheduling, episode creation, and tag optimization for Apple Podcasts, among others.

While Blubrry PowerPress can be used without a Blubrry Podcast Hosting account, Libsyn Publisher does require a Libsyn podcast hosting account† Libsyn’s hosting accounts start at just $5, so it may still be worth it for new podcasters.

Fusebox is a toolbox full of podcasting goodies. You’ll find that it has many of the same features as the other podcast manager plugins we’re talking about. Where it really stands out as a WordPress Podcast plugin is that it offers transcription even in the free version.

If you do interview style or educational podcasts, want to offer transcripts. It gives the listener something to review so they don’t miss out on the best points.

Many people host their podcasts with Buzzsprout, and it’s easy to see why. Their free account allows up to 2 hours of podcasts to be uploaded each month. You get stats, help getting into podcast directories, and custom embeddable players for your site.

The Buzzsprout Podcast Plugin for WordPress makes it easy to share your Buzzsprout hosted podcasts within your website. It creates a new icon in your Upload/Insert toolbar for one-click access to all its features.

Castos, makers of the Seriously Simple Podcasting WordPress plugin, state that “the plugin will always remain free to use.”, even if you don’t Castos’ podcast hosting service† This is great because it is very well equipped for features and it is very easy to use.

Seriously Simple Podcasting in WordPress allows you to manage your RSS feeds and multiple podcasts from the same site. Of course, it has all the other features you would expect, such as a customizable media player, playlist creation, video and analytics support.

If you’re not getting a dedicated podcast hosting service like Blubrry, Castos, or Buzzsprout, you’ll want to make sure you can back up all your episodes.

BackWPup gives you the option to save your entire WordPress site, including media, to services like Dropbox, S3, or even FTP to somewhere else as a single .zip file. The free version saves you, and the Pro version makes it even easier for you with premium support for just $69 a year

While it’s not a plugin, if you’re going all-in on podcasting and using a WordPress site to support it, consider getting a WordPress theme designed specifically for podcasters.

Dixie is just one of many themes designed specifically for the audio world. For just under $70, Dixie will display your episodes in the best possible way, along with more flexibility with where you place the player.

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