12 Best Free Android Calculator Apps and Widgets

Regardless of what you study or do for work, you probably use a calculator for several tasks every day. If you don’t prefer a real physical calculator, the best solution is to use the Android Calculator app.

Although your Android phone has a built-in Calculator app that can perform basic functions, sometimes you need to solve certain math problems that are beyond the capabilities of the default app.

Whether you need a Calculator app to solve scientific math problems or to use it as a budgeting tool on your smartphone, here are the best Calculator apps and widgets for Android that you can download and use for free.

If you’re just looking for a simple alternative calculator app with a nice design, try Google’s Calculator.

The app is free and does not contain intrusive ads. Google’s calculator can handle basic math problems, but nothing too scientific. Once you start using it, the app runs much faster and smoother than your built-in calculator.

It calculates in real time before you even press a button Is equal to button Google Calculator is a good choice for those looking for a basic calculator for school or a clean calculator with an intuitive user interface.

If you’re looking for something more complex, Calculator++ will do the job. The app has two different modes – simply and Engineer – which you can use depending on your needs. Calculator ++ has a variety of features, the ability to create graphs and has a history log where you can access all your previous calculations.

Desmos Graphing Calculator is the best choice for those looking for a program with advanced graphing capabilities. The program does not have a basic calculator mode, but it can instantly graph any equation. The Desmos graphing calculator allows you to build multiple functions and then adjust them using sliders. The app also has sample graphs to help you get started.

For fans of old physical calculators, RealCalc Scientific Calculator has a design that resembles the traditional look of scientific calculators used in school for math problems.

RealCalc has two calculator modes: Traditional and RPN (Reverse Polish notation). You can use RealCalc to perform all possible scientific functions. Some other features of the app include history log, unit conversion, binary, octal and hexadecimal calculations.

ClevCalc is a series of multi-purpose calculators that can be accessed in a single Calculator app. IS General calculator which can be used for basic math problems. However, it is in other modes that this app really shines.

Apart from Currency converterClevCalc has calculator modes that can help you with Discount or Advice calculations, develop Art The cost of fueland even perform health tracking functions such as Hit or ovulation calculations

Financial Calculators is also a program that has dozens of different calculator modes, all tailored to specific financial goals. You can use Financial Calculators as a cost tracker to determine interest on a loan, calculate the amount of taxes you owe, and more.

CalcNote is another great Android calculator app for managing your finances. The main feature that sets it apart from other calculator programs is its Notepad-like interface, where problems appear on the left and calculations on the right.

In addition to managing your account and calculations, you can use CalcNote to solve complex math problems, and instant calculations appear as you type.

If you’re looking for a digital replacement for your bulky scientific calculator, the HiPER Scientific Calculator is one of the best options out there.

HiPER allows you to perform all the basic functions of a scientific calculator, as well as use the built-in unit converter and some other features such as graphing capabilities, permutations, support for derivatives and integral operations, etc. No matter what size device you use the app on, HiPER Scientific Calculator has a layout that works best for it – Pocket for a smaller smartphone, Compact for regular size, and Expanded for tablets.

Photomath is a calculator app with a rather specific feature that helps you solve handwritten math problems using your smartphone’s camera. So, if you’ve written down a complicated equation and don’t want to type it into the program, Photomath can help you solve it in seconds by identifying the handwritten text and providing the answer.

Mathematical equations supported by Photomath include algebra, trigonometry, derivatives, integrals, logarithms, and more.

If the appearance of the application plays an important role for you, try Stylish Calculator. It has a colorful design and allows you to customize the calculator interface with several themes.

To access all features of Stylish Calculator, swipe up or down on the screen. Some of the features available include a history log, memory keys, various math functions, and more.

For those looking for a calculator app that can do it all, CalcKit is a great option. This calculator app contains over a hundred different calculator modes and unit converters. There is also a customizable scientific calculator and an RPN calculator, as well as a floating calculator widget. CalcKit is the perfect app for solving any math problem, no matter how big or small.

Scalar is a powerful calculator app designed for more advanced users looking for an app that allows you to use scripts in your work. Scalar uses a mathematical scripting language that users can use to script, speed up calculations, and speed up their workflow. You can also use Scalar to create customized function charts that you can then share with others on the web.

Choose the best calculator app for you

Each of the apps listed above offer unique features and functions that make them stand out and surpass your default Android calculator app. Choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

What calculator app do you use on your Android smartphone? What is your favorite feature of this app? Share your experience with calculator apps for smartphones in the comments below.

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