5 Apps to Find and Remove Duplicate Files in Windows 10

Over time, your Windows PC builds up a collection of duplicate files, ultimately reducing your storage space. As a result, your hard drive becomes cluttered and your computer may feel slower.

You can get an extra USB flash drive or cloud storage to offload extra files, but that won’t solve the problem of duplicate files on your device.

Since removing duplicate files manually can be tedious, it is best to use tools that can automatically find and remove the duplicate files from your PC.

Find and remove duplicate files in Windows 10

Duplicate files can come from various sources, such as multiple backups to files in Windows.old folder, copied photos, music files, or application files.

The challenge lies in finding and deleting these files to free up storage space.

In addition, there is a danger that files that look the same but are not duplicates will be deleted. Doing so may cause some apps to misbehave, or in the case of system files, your computer may no longer boot.

To avoid deleting critical system files, you should only delete duplicate files that you recognize.

Windows lacks a built-in duplicate file finder and removal tool, but you can use these third-party duplicate file finder tools for Windows 10.

Duplicate Cleaner Free is a duplicate file scanner that can thoroughly scan your PC to find duplicate files and mark them for deletion based on your criteria.

After downloading and installing Duplicate Cleaner, you can select the folders you want to scan, and the tool will give you a list of results showing all the duplicate files on your PC.

Duplicate Cleaner Free is a trial version of the pro edition, but it still provides an easy way to find and remove up to 100 duplicate files.

Most important features:

  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Search filters to narrow your search
  • File selection assistant to determine what to keep or remove

If your hard drive is flooded with all kinds of files that take up a lot of space, Auslogics’ Duplicate File Finder can help you find and clean up the duplicate files.

The program scans all file types on your PC to find duplicates and automatically selects the files based on your search parameters. You can also choose the files you want to delete and specify what happens to the duplicate files you delete.

Most important features:

  • File Selection Tool
  • Customizable settings by size, file name, date, hidden files
  • Native Rescue Center to save duplicate files
  • Recycle bin for files you delete

SearchMyFiles is a portable file search utility that comes with a duplicate file finder. The tool offers many detailed functions but does not take up much memory.

You can change various search functions when searching for files. For example, you can exclude files by extension, search for files by size, or exclude files if they don’t contain specific text.

Other file search options include using wildcard characters to find files and subfolders, and including or excluding files identified as hidden, read-only, encrypted, compressed, or archived.

Most important features:

  • Search options for files such as wildcard characters
  • File Removal Tool
  • SearchMyFiles for faster access to built-in functions

Duplicate File Remover uses a media editor to separate your files individually and remove all duplicate files and their copies from your storage. The tool works directly to remove duplicate media files or multiple copies of a single file.

You can easily navigate through multiple media files and documents to find the original and duplicates to delete. The tool scans the file system, selects files from your storage, sorts the files and then lists the duplicates for deletion.

Most important features:

  • Live status viewer showing file processing
  • file scanner
  • Group view for media files stored on your device

Duplicate Cleaner Pro is a lightweight tool packed with advanced features to help you find and remove duplicate files on your computer.

You can set your search criteria to find duplicate files by keyword, file type, date and other parameters. Moreover, the tool scans hidden folders and zip files to remove the duplicates for deletion.

Duplicate Cleaner Pro can search your entire hard drive very quickly because it uses a method that compares hash codes of duplicate file sizes.

Once the hashes have been calculated, you will be presented with an overview of all duplicate files on the device. This will help you filter the results by folder and you can remove the duplicates in each folder if you want or remove entire folder groups altogether.

Most important features:

  • Search function
  • Dashboard to set search criteria
  • Zip file and hidden folder scanner

Find and remove all traces of duplicate files

Duplicate file finders scan your PC for unnecessary duplicate files so that you can delete them, free up space on your device and improve device performance.

Whether you want a simple tool or one with advanced filters, these five programs can help you remove duplicate files faster than doing it manually.

How to find and remove duplicate files in Windows 10? Share it with us in a comment below.

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