5 Command Prompt Tricks To Make CMD More Interesting

Command Prompt is an indispensable part of Windows. From generate a list of startup programs to find your wifi password, there is a lot you can do with command prompt. However, you may not know that Command Prompt can be fun too. All you need is to know a few command prompt tricks to make it more interesting.

In this article, we’ll give you some interesting Command Prompt ideas that will change the way you look at Command Prompt forever. There are other standard: commands that all Windows users should know

How to start the command prompt?

Before you can use Command Prompt tricks, you need to launch them. Press Win + Rtype cmdand press Enter

1. Change Command Prompt Window Color

The black-only look of the Command Prompt can feel dull. However, you can add some vibrancy to the window with a few clicks. You can change the colors for text as well as the background.

  1. Right-click the title bar of the Command Prompt window and select Properties
  1. Switch to the colors tab in the Properties window.
  1. You can change the colors for screen text or background and pop-up text or background from the colors tab.

Pop-up text and background refer to the text and background colors you see in a pop-up Command Prompt window. For example, this is what the popup looks like when you press F7 to view the command line history:

Once you are in the colors tab, you can choose one of the colors from the presets, or if you prefer, you can choose the Selected color values

If you want, you can adjust the opacity of the text or background.

As you make these changes, you’ll see them in the preview pane. Select Okay to apply the changes once you are happy with the colors you see in the preview.

2. Customize the prompt text

The Command Prompt will display the folder you are currently working in. The default prompt text is helpful but boring. Fortunately, you can customize the prompt text to whatever you want. To do this, you need to run a simple command.

  1. After launching the Command Prompt, run the following command:

prompt “prompt text” $G

Replace the words “prompt text” with whatever text you want to see in your command prompt.

The $G in this command causes a greater than sign (“>”) to appear at the end of the prompt. If you want a different character, type the following command and you’ll get a list of options:

help prompt

3. Change Command Prompt Window Title

The default title of the Command Prompt window is “Command Prompt” or “Administrator: Command Prompt” when you run it as an administrator. The monotony isn’t usually a problem unless you’re working with multiple windows.

If you’re getting a little giddy trying to find the right command prompt window of about a dozen you’re using, you can give each of them a different title. All you need to do is run the following command:

title Job name

To replace Job name whatever task you run in a particular command prompt window.

Note that once you close the Command Prompt and relaunch it, you will see the default title again.

4. Watch Star Wars in ASCII with Command Prompt

Telnet services allow you to watch Star Wars the old-fashioned way. However, you can do a lot more than watch Star Wars with telnet, such as role playing games like Ateraan.

To watch Star Wars in Command Prompt, first make sure Telnet is enabled on your PC. If not, running a telnet command throws an error. Command Prompt will tell you that it does not recognize the command as an internal or external command.

To see if Telnet is enabled, start by searching for: Enable or disable Windows features from the Start menu and select the Best Match. In the list of Windows features, look for: Telnet client† If the box next to it is unchecked, check it and select Okay

Once Telnet is enabled, launch Command Prompt and run the following command:


Telnet also lets you do other fun things. For example, you can play games or have fun with the “Bastard Operator from Hell”. Here are the games you can play and the commands you need to play them:

  • New Worlds-Ateran: telnet ateraan.com 4002
  • achaea: telnet achaea.com 23
  • Avalon – The legend lives: telnet avalon-rpg.com 23
  • Free chess: telnet freechess.org 5000
  • Legend of the Red Dragon: telnet lord.stabs.org 123
  • batMUD: telnet batmud.bat.org 23
  • Aardwolf: telnet Aardmud.org 4000

You can also kill some time with the “Bastard Operator from Hell” with this command:

telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl 666

Or you can check the weather with Weather Underground by running the following command:

telnet rainmaker.wunderground.com

Generate a battery status report

Windows keeps track of all the information you need about the health of your battery. This allows you to generate a full battery report using the command prompt. The report gives you battery statistics such as full capacity, current capacity and factory specifications.

However, to generate a battery report, you must run CMD as an administrator. Press Win + Rtype cmdand press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to run the command prompt as an administrator.

  1. After launching the Command Prompt, run the following command:

powercfg /energy

  1. When the report is ready, you can open it in the System32 directory. It is saved as HTML, so you can paste the following address into your browser’s URL bar to access the report:


The Not So Boring Command Prompt

Many people see the Command Prompt as a black box reserved for savvy Windows users. However, it is not that difficult for a novice to familiarize yourself with the Command Prompt. If you occasionally forget a command, you can always turn on auto-complete at the command prompt. Plus, it’s not that boring if you know a few Command Prompt tricks, is it?

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