5 YouTube Channels Every Serious Tech Fan Should Subscribe to

Many people love technology these days, but most people don’t For real care about the technicalities of the technology they love so much. There’s nothing wrong with that, you can like fast cars without knowing exactly how they work under the hood, but there will always be curious tech fans who do want that extra layer of knowledge.

In the past it was difficult to find this kind of information. Buying niche books written in inaccessible jargon may have been your only option. Perhaps scouring early internet bulletin boards or forums can get you the tech knowledge you craved.

Either way, it was a quest worthy of Middle Earth to go beyond the surface and marketing fanatic’s specs! Today it couldn’t be more different. Media platforms like YouTube are perfect for connecting niche audiences with the content they want.

So if you’re craving a little more meat than the mainstream tech channels can offer, why not make a reservation at one of these fine online establishments and dive into a nice sequence of smutty details, with a side of geek satisfaction.

If you’ve ever stared blankly at a list of graphical options menus and had no idea what it meant, Digital Foundry is the channel for you. It is affiliated with the venerable Eurogamer website and offers videos that dive deep into technologies such as computer graphics, physics simulation, audio and all the hardware that makes it possible.

The site focuses primarily on video game graphics and hardware, but anyone interested in CG or computer technology in general will find a wealth of down-to-earth explanations about the most complex of cutting-edge technology.

There’s also a good number of retro-focused videos, so if you’ve ever wanted to know what was really going on under the hood of the old computers and consoles you grew up with, Digital Foundry has you covered.

With over 800K subscribers at the time of writing, it feels wrong to refer to Techmoan as a “hidden gem” on YouTube. Still, Techmoan offers a unique mix of tech reviews with both new, retro, retro-new and just plain weird hardware. Techmoan looks at everything, including some incredibly obscure, yet utterly fascinating technologies.

Have you ever heard of VHD video disc† what about a pen with built-in calculator† What do you think of digital watch from the 70s† There are technological quirks here for every inclination, all captured in videos with clear, affable explanations and great production values.

If you’re a fan of the golden age of home computers, the 8-bit man is an absolutely essential destination. The host is someone who For real knows the details of computer technology from the 80s to the 2000s. 8-Bit Guy is basically retro tech porn, but you learn so much while drooling over old beige boxes that it almost feels like a free computer history course.

The channel has a knack for showcasing some of the most interesting and influential devices from those three (or so) decades, but the host also excels at coming up with some really interesting and unusual projects.

Like a series of videos trying to use “deprecated” products, to see if they are still usable today. There are also many educational restoration projects that also serve as a great way to see and understand the insides of computers.

Louis Rossman is a unique YouTube personality. This candid tech guru, who operates out of his computer repair shop in New York, has never had an opinion he doesn’t want to share. Some people may find his personality a bit brash, but the sheer technical know-how that goes into that often filthy brain is undeniable.

The production values ​​of his videos are virtually non-existent, with most of them either a long shot of Louis solving diabolical electronic problems as he talks us ordinary peasants through them, or the man himself sitting in a chair and talking in front of the camera. .

It may not sound convincing on paper, but don’t be too quick to judge. No one else will give the general public such an inside chip-level look at what lies behind the shiny facade of the latest MacBook. Many of the Macs that come his way are seemingly written off, but Louis will fix them even if Apple doesn’t want to!

In some ways, Technology Connections is a bit like Techmoan, but the emphasis here is more on the theory of how specific technologies work. Can you explain exactly how the inside of a VCR works?

Watch this video and you feel like a newly minted electronics engineer. The channel really breaks down how the technologies that surround us work and does a great job explaining the amazing inner worlds of devices that are long obsolete.

The production quality and editing is also a lot better than most YouTube channels and wouldn’t look out of place on TV broadcasts in the 90s, which gives it a unique charm. If you’ve ever looked at your TV or air conditioner and thought “but how does it actually work?” Technology Connections is the place for you.

Discover Tech Diamonds on YouTube

While these five channels represent some of the best the tech YouTube community has to offer, these are just the tip of the iceberg! There doesn’t seem to be a topic so esoteric that someone hasn’t found an audience for it.

Professional YouTubers have reached the point where they can give network TV shows their money, even if the channel is run by one person! If you have a favorite tech YouTuber that everyone should know, listen out on social media and share the love. You can never watch too many good tech videos!

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