6 Best Free Windows 11/10 Repair Tools

There are a large number of interconnected components that make up the Windows operating system, and if even one thing goes wrong, Windows can have problems. The drivers, the system services, an update stall… the list goes on.

So when your PC starts having problems, it can be difficult to pinpoint the real cause. This makes solving the problem manually difficult. Instead, you can use a good Windows 11/10 repair tool that will fix your Windows installation automatically. What tools, you ask? Here is a list of the best free Windows 11/10 repair apps.

1. Windows Repair

One of the few all-in-one Windows 11/10 repair tools out there, Windows Repair does exactly what it promises – fix Windows 11/10. Be it file permissions, registry errors or obscure settings, the app takes care of it all.

Since much of its operation can conflict with other apps running in the background, it is recommended to run Windows Repair in safe mode. This ensures that all the customizations made by the application are applied without any interference, thus restoring Windows 11/10 to your computer.

The app is free to use for a single computer. Paid versions are also available for repairing a large number of PCs in a commercial environment.

2. Snappy Driver Installer

Nine times out of ten, Windows 11/10 problems are due to: incorrect or outdated drivers† Although Windows itself updates drivers, it often cannot provide the most appropriate drivers for every piece of hardware.

Snappy Driver Installer is a utility intended to solve this problem. The utility will scan your computer and find the latest matching drivers. You can choose which drivers to update and the application will download and install the selected drivers.

There is also a full SDI version that comes with a database of the latest drivers. You can use this version to update drivers without being connected to the internet. Useful when you want to update drivers on a large number of computers without wasting time downloading each computer.

3. AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp is another good general purpose tool for Windows 11/10. Unlike Windows Repair, it focuses more on improving performance than correcting errors.

The software removes unnecessary programs, deletes leftover cache files and disables useless startup processes. The result is a computer that runs much smoother, with fewer crashes and instability.

While the app is good at what it does, it’s not exactly free. It comes with a free trial, but that only works for 30 days. After that, you need to get a paid license to continue using it. Still, you can use the trial version to tune your PC for sure once.

4. FixWin

One of the more famous Windows 10 repair tools, FixWin is touted as a complete solution to all Windows problems. Like Windows Repair by Tweaking, FixWin is a general purpose tool that goes through and tries to fix a large number of potential problems.

System Tools, File Explorer, the Recycle Bin… the app tackles a comprehensive list of Windows 10 problems and offers to fix them with the click of a button. So as not to overwhelm you, the fixes are neatly separated into different tabs, with an easy-to-navigate user interface.

Best of all, the app is completely free and portable. You can carry it on a USB stick and run from there, no installation required.

5. Advanced System Care

Like AVG TuneUP, this app aims to optimize your PC. Advanced System Care will find unnecessary files and applications that slow down your computer so that you can easily remove them and improve its performance.

It can even disable startup applications that pollute your system RAM, speeding up boot times. You can switch between different automatic modes or run a manual scan to find problems. The user interface is sleek and modern, unlike many free Windows 11/10 repair tools in this niche.

The only downside is that it doesn’t update drivers. You can use the software updater to find new versions of installed applications, but that’s it. But if you’re just looking for an optimizer to speed up your computer, Advanced SystemCare might be for you.

6. R&D ShutUp10++

So far, we’ve seen tools that fix outright errors with Windows, such as missing drivers or a slow computer. But what about Microsoft’s proprietary data collection processes spying on you from the background?

Of O&O ShutUp10++, you can stop such data breaches. The app gives you unprecedented control over your privacy by allowing you to shut down invasive monitoring of most Windows processes.

Many of these privacy settings are not normally available from your operating system, so this tool is very useful. You can easily decide which services are allowed to collect data by flipping a few switches.

What is the best free repair tool for Windows 11/10?

There are many great tools to fix the most common problems with Windows 11/10. Apps like Windows Repair or FixWin are great if you are unsure of the actual causes of the errors.

If you want to update your drivers, Snappy Driver Installer is a good choice. It can automatically detect driver updates for your PC’s hardware components and install them for you.

Finally, for dealing with privacy related issues in Windows 11/10, you have O&O ShutUp10++. The app can effectively shut down most Windows settings that invade your privacy and collect unnecessary data.

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