Best password tools to increase security and keep your data safe

Some people only think about how secure their passwords are: a hacker gains access to their valuable personal information† Don’t wait for that to happen. Make sure your data is securely protected and your passwords are as complex as possible.

However, coming up with a bunch of random complicated passwords can also backfire if you just can’t remember them all. So how do you stay on top of your security and keep all your important data safe? We have a few good password tools for you to explore.

Use a password manager

One of the less complicated ways to stay on top of your security is: using a password manager† Applications like LastPass, 1Password and Dashlane take all the work off your hands. All you need to do is come up with one secure password for your password manager account and the software will do the rest.

The password manager generates strong passwords for each account you want to connect to. They are all encrypted and stored in the software, making it rather difficult for hackers to access. It sounds like a great handy tool, but it’s not 100% secure.

Password managers are not without flaws, and we don’t recommend trusting it with things like your finances, email, or any other accounts with your personal information. Use a password manager for any sites that require logins. For that extra security, use one of the following tools instead.

Secure Password Generator is a great tool for both creating complex passphrases and memorizing them. In addition, this site is extremely user-friendly. You have full control over the character combination used in your password. You can choose to include or exclude certain symbols. For example, the ones that are way too similar and hard to remember, such as o, 0, and O.

For extra security, you can check an option to: DO NOT send over the internet and generate a password on your device instead. After you get the passphrase that you are satisfied with, Secure Password Generator also provides you a method to remember it under Remember your password

Strong Password Generator is another site that will help you take your security to a new level. As with the previous tool, Strong Password Generator will create a complex passcode for you that is difficult to crack and provide you with ways to remember it.

The web app uses five main rules for creating a strong password: a minimum of 15 characters, a combination of numbers, both upper and lower case, and symbols. You can set your own requirements using the advanced settings. For example, you can include punctuation in your code (!, “, $, and so on), or exclude similar characters (such as o, 0, and O).

Next, the site will show you several ways to remember your new password (see the screenshot above). Or you can use a phonetic word generator that will give you a complete sentence to remember the password. All methods are approved and advised by security experts.

Still not sold on the idea of ​​using a series of random characters to protect your most valuable data from hackers? How about a series of random words instead?

The concept of using a long sentence made up of foreign words as a password is illustrated in the webcomic XKCD† It can be harder to break and is often easier to remember. Correct Horse Battery Staple is an app that will help you come up with that phrase.

The web app is named after the random word combination used in the comic. This password generator also gives you several options to customize your passphrase. You can set the number of words used in the password, the minimum character length, whether or not to use word separators, and so on.

Once you’ve got the passphrase you want, use the technique from the comic and come up with a scene or situation that will help you remember the words used in your password. In this way you can take full advantage of the XKCD method.

Right, you created a (presumably) very strong password. But that is not always enough. Another way to make sure your data will not be leaked online is to check the strength of your new passcode using Password Meter.

Password Meter tests your password on a number of parameters and gives it a security score based on the test results. You can see both the minimum and additional requirements for a strong secure password on the site. On each of the statistics you will find a symbol that indicates whether your password exceeds, meets or does not meet these requirements.

For example, using repeating characters or consecutive lowercase letters lowers your score, while using numbers adds value. Use Password Meter to identify and fix the weak link in your password.

Now that you’ve come up with the strongest possible password and compared it to all the security stats, it’s time to update your accounts on various websites.

But finding a page to change your password can be more difficult than it should be. You often have to search in the settings or use the Forgot your password link to get there. Fortunately, someone has already done that work for you, bringing the links to all the major applications and services together in Update Your Pass.

Browse dozens of different websites and choose the one you use. Now all you have to do is click on the link, change the password and move on to the next service. You can create your own favorites list using the Save this website and Delete this website buttons at the bottom of the screen. That list will be saved for the next time you decide to change your passwords.

Whether you use these exact password tools or other similar methods to create your passwords, it should be enough to protect yourself online and keep your data safe.

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