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You have your eye on a new computer or laptop, but the price is way above your budget. What if we told you that sometimes you can buy a computer or laptop at a discounted price? You just need to be strategic in your quest.

Finding the best computer deals can be difficult, but not if you know where and when to look. This article highlights some of the best times to buy computers from brands like Apple, Samsung, ASUS, etc.

Before anything else, it’s always a good idea to know what kind of computer you want: brand, operating system, CPU and storage configuration, etc. That will help you narrow your search when looking for the best deals. You should check out some reputable ones online shopping sites known for selling laptops cheaply

1. Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Back-to-School Deals

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are two of the biggest holiday sales in the world. These are also the best times to get deals on computers, gadgets and accessories. If you’re serious about buying a laptop at a discounted price, keep an eye out for the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals on popular shopping platforms.

Major PC manufacturers (Apple, HP, Lenovo, Asus, etc.) and retailers also host Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales on their official websites.

The “Back to School” season is another great time to get incredible discounts on laptop and computer purchases. While this season varies in different countries and regions, back-to-school sales typically take place between June and September. For example, Apple’s back-to-school discount for 2021 ran for more than 3 months.

Students, parents, teachers, and other eligible participants received $100 off (and free AirPods) on select MacBook models. Some local retailers also offer laptops at discounted prices during this time. Be sure to thoroughly check multiple (online and offline) platforms and compare their discounts before making a decision.

2. Take advantage of sales

Many stores and ecommerce platforms organize “Clearance” or “Closeout” sales to clear inventory when they close for a year or go out of business. This is usually during and after the holiday period, just before a calendar year is up. Clearance items in a store’s inventory are sold at incredibly low prices. Your dream computer might just be in a store’s sale catalog.

3. Buy when new models are released

Computer manufacturers release new products throughout the year, especially Windows devices. Apple hosts an annual event between September and October where it announces new Mac desktops and laptops. On the other hand, PC manufacturers usually introduce new devices at technical events, shows, conferences, etc.

The best time to buy a cheap computer is when new models are announced or available in the market. The arrival of a new product line usually crashes the price of older generations/models – and for understandable reasons. People naturally rush to buy the latest products, reducing the demand for older generations.

Of course, declining demand (from older computer models) means lower prices. If everyone is in a rush to buy the latest laptop, you should do the opposite, especially if you are budget conscious. If a computer brand introduces a new line of devices, wait a few weeks or a month and check the prices of the outgoing flagship model.

The arrival of a major CPU upgrade could also drive down the price of computers with older processors. In terms of performance, devices with new technologies are better, but they always cost more. If the specs of an old laptop model are satisfactory and you’re not willing to spend too much money on new features, then it’s a worthy investment.

Note that this trick usually applies to Windows devices. Mac computer prices tend to stay the same months and years after new models are launched. When prices drop, discounts are usually high and may not be worth the wait.

4. Buy during festive and promotional anniversaries

Companies, brands, and shopping platforms often host sales events to celebrate festivities, special holidays, and corporate anniversaries and holidays (eg Amazon Prime Day). If your desired computer is not on sale at a discounted price, you can win coupons that cut several dollars off the original price.

Depending on your region or country, it is common for electronic stores and computer brands to hold sales promotions for religious events (e.g. Diwali, Ramadan, Easter, etc.) and national holidays (Independence Day deals, July 4th sales, Labor Day discounts , etc.).

Check prices with tracking tools

Finding the best laptop and computer deals takes time and effort. In addition, some sellers advertise fake deals and discounts. We recommend checking the price of your desired computer on multiple websites days or weeks before these promotional offers.

That will give you an idea of ​​the device’s initial price, the promotional price, and how much discount you’ll get. You can automate and speed up this deal search process with the help of price tracking software and price comparison websites

These specialized tools help you find the best deals on specific products and shopping platforms. Price tracking services do all the hard work for you: monitor price fluctuations, check coupon availability, collect price history, and even compare prices.

You can also set up custom alerts to receive notifications of discounts and other price reductions. View this Amazon price tracking tools and price comparison websites for more information. You will also find our tutorial on how to create price alerts for holiday shopping deals favorable.

Make the effort

The best deals on computers and other gadgets can be found in the second half of the calendar year. That’s because many promotional events and holidays fall in the last six months of the year. Another unwritten rule for saving money is to buy the older model of a new product, especially if the specs meet your needs.

Use price tracking tools to check prices if you don’t have time to keep an eye on the promotional deals. If you can’t find deals that fit your budget, consider buying a refurbished computer. Check out some of the best places to buy refurbished laptops

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