Create a flyer in Microsoft Word

Even with all the technology today, people are still using physical flyers. We see them everywhere. From garage sale signs to signage to flyers for events on the campus bulletin board, flyers are a great way to spread the word.

You can use a tool like Canva, but Microsoft Word is a solid flyer making application. You can find plenty Templates, so you never have to start all over again. Here we’ll help you create a flyer in Word and give you some helpful tips to make your flyer awesome!

Microsoft Office Flyer Templates for Word

When it comes to templates for Microsoft Word, going to the source is the best option. You can find templates to create your flyer in the Word desktop app or in Word on the web.

Find a template in Word Desktop

If you’re using the Word desktop application, you’ll do a great job of searching through the template options in the app.

  1. Open Microsoft Word, confirm you are on the House tab to the left and choose More Templates at the right.
  1. Below the To search box, you should see the flyers category. Select to browse all available flyer templates. Alternatively, you can enter a specific type of flyer in the To search bar such as “Sales Flyer” or “Event Flyer.”
  1. Choose a flyer that interests you to see more details and select To create to use it.

Find a template in Word for the web

One of the easiest ways to find and use a flyer in Word for the web is to visit the Office Templates website.

Scroll under the Popular Categories section and select View all categoriesthen choose flyers† Alternatively, you can enter a specific type in the To search bar at the top.

If you see the template you want, make sure it’s available for Word. Then select it and choose Open in browser† If you only see the To download option, the template is only available as a download for the Word desktop application.

This will open the flyer template in Word for the web for you to customize.

Third Party Flyer Templates for Word

If you don’t see anything from Microsoft that you like, you can check out some third-party options. When you find a free flyer template you’re looking for, all you need to do is download it and open it in Word.

Vertex42 Templates

vertex42 is an excellent option for free Word templates. When you get to the main page, select flyers on the right within the Browse Template Categories box.

You can then browse through the templates or choose a category on the right in the Flyer Templates box.

You’ll see options for real estate, party, event, tear-offs, and more. Templates

Another good choice for free Word flyer templates is† You should see the flyers category directly below the search box on the main page. You can also select the category by going to . to go Templates at the top and looking below the marketing materials.

On the Flyer Templates page, you can view the options or choose a subcategory.

Select a template for which you want to see the details. Then use the Select File Format & Download drop-down list to choose Word and press download now

Keep in mind that not all flyer designs are free, which you will see before downloading one.

General folders for Word

Now that you know that the fastest and easiest way to create flyers in Word is to use a template. Let’s take a look at a handful of options!

Garage sale flyer

Microsoft has a neat and clean Garage sale flyer template. It has the word “Garage Sale” and date and time spots nice and large at the top, making it ideal for posting almost anywhere.

Each head is collapsible. So if you decide not to include all the details shown, you can just collapse that section. To enter your details, select the text and add your own text.

Tip: Take advantage of the Itinerary section so potential customers can easily find your location.

tear-off folder

Tear-off flyers are popular for services and sales because they have your contact information in strips that people can tear and take with them. Similar Item for sale template, they have spots for your name, website, phone number and email address or certain combinations.

Select each text box to add your information to the main body of the flyer. Fill in your contact details in tear strips at the bottom.

Tip: Some flyers may autofill the strips when you complete one. If not, you can finish one strip and then copy and paste the text onto the other.

event flyer

Maybe your local business is having a grand opening party, or your organization is holding a fundraiser. With this you can let everyone know ZigZag Event Flyer suitable for all occasions.

Simply select each box to swap the placeholder text with your event details. You can also experiment with different colored fonts if you find these too bright.

Tip: The template websites above have many themed event flyers for holidays, graduations, seasons, sporting events, etc.

Retail Sales Leaflet

Whether your store is having a big sale or your restaurant is offering discounts, make it known Retail Sales Leaflet

This has handy places especially for your discounts or sale items. As with the other templates, simply replace the sample text on the flyer with your own text. Plus, this template has a place for your logo, which is a great way to promote your business.

Be sure to fill in the “goods to prices” date and include your regular business hours.

Tip: Use the space at the bottom for important details, such as directions or announcements about sales or discounts.

Reward folder

If you’ve ever lost something valuable to you, you know how much you want it back. Whether it is an item or even a pet, it allows you to provide a photo, details and amount Reward folder

This template has placed the text in the ideal places to grab the attention of the viewers. Select a text box and enter your information. To replace the photo with your own, delete the existing one. Then go to the Insert tab and use the Pictures drop-down menu to find and use yours.

Tip: Be sure to include a photo of your lost item. You can also resize the image so that it fits nicely in the flyer.

Tips for creating a flyer in Word

We’ve included helpful tips for each of the flyer templates above, but here are a few more for creating the best flyer.

  • Consider adding a QR code to your flyer for your venue’s website. Those who see your flyer can scan the code with their mobile device.
  • Be sure to double check the details on your flyer, especially prices, phone numbers, and address.
  • Use a paper coating if you plan to place your flyer outdoors or in an area where it could get wet or weathered.

For more information, see how to make greeting cardssetup labelsor make a bookletall in a Microsoft Word document.

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