Google Tasks vs. Google Keep: Which is better?

Google has a history of creating similar apps that serve the same purpose. This was the case with Gmail and Inbox email clients and Google’s messaging apps Allo and Hangouts.

Google Tasks and Google Keep are in a similar situation. These are two programs that help you manage your workload by creating tasks. However, the two have several significant differences that may influence the choice of one program over the other. So, let’s explore both programs and their key features to determine which program is the best task manager for you.

Google Tasks vs. Google Keep: How are they different?

It’s clear how Google Tasks and Google Keep are similar: Both apps are designed to help you create and organize tasks. Also, both apps are available for use on the same number of platforms. You can use Google Keep and Google Tasks on your smartphone (Android and iOS) as well as on your computer, and both apps have web versions that you can access from your browser.

At the same time, the differences between Google Keep and Google Tasks are not so noticeable. They differ in design, integration with other Google programs and are intended for different users.

Interface and design of the program

The most significant difference between the two programs is their interface. In short, if you prefer a minimalistic app design, choose Tasks. On the other hand, if you prefer more granularity and extra features in your apps, then you’ll love Keep.

Google Tasks is intuitive and you’ll have no problem navigating the app, even if you’ve never used it before. The design of the program will not distract you from your main goal, which is to create new tasks. Creating and organizing new tasks, subtasks and lists is also easy.

Google Keep offers a more complex structure. The Post-It board format gives you the freedom to organize it more creatively. Keep is great for those who want to add more color and visuals to their to-do lists. Keep is designed for those users who want to ditch the “list” format and use labels, hashtags, and different color codes to organize their tasks. Google Keep also lets you add links and media files to your tasks.

In short, Google Tasks is more simple and task-oriented, while Google Keep is better suited for adding notes and media items to your to-do list.

Type of reminders

One big difference between Google Keep and Google Tasks is how each app handles task reminders.

Both Google Keep and Google Tasks allow you to create reminders for your tasks. However, Google Keep is somewhat limited in the type of reminders you can create. For example, you can create reminders only for the entire task list, not for individual entries in the list.

Google Tasks is the opposite. You can only create reminders for a single task, not for the entire list.

Some users may say that Google Keep is slightly ahead of Tasks in this, as it also allows you to create reminders based on time and location.

To create a location-based reminder in Google Keep, select your to-do list and follow the path remind me > Choose a place > save.

Unfortunately, Google Tasks is limited to timed reminders.

Google Apps integration

Google Keep and Google Tasks are available on all Google platforms. You can use both apps in Google Drive, Gmail, Google Docs, etc. However, you’ll notice that Google Tasks works better with Gmail, and Google Keep offers better integration with Google Docs.

If you’re an active Gmail user, you probably gravitate toward Google Tasks. You can create tasks and lists directly from Gmail using Google Tasks and drag and drop emails directly into new task items. Unfortunately, Google Keep does not have this feature.

Instead, Google Keep is better suited for those who spend a lot of time working with Google Docs. You can drag and drop your notes from Google Keep directly into documents in Google Docs. You won’t be able to do the same with Google Tasks.

Variants of cooperation

When choosing between the two programs, you should ask yourself who will be using your to-do lists. If it’s just you, then Google Tasks is quite enough. However, if you also want to share your tasks and notes, then you’ll be better off using Google Keep.

Google Tasks does not offer any collaboration features. You can’t share individual tasks or to-do lists with other users online, and to-do lists stay with you.

On the other hand, Google Keep is a collaboration tool. The application allows you to quickly and easily share your notes with other users.

To share your Google Keep card, find it in the Google Keep taskbar and select it Employee icon at the bottom.

Add the email address of the person (or persons) you want to share your card with. Then select save to confirm

Collaborators will be able to read and edit your notes and tasks in Google Keep.

Google Tasks vs. Google Keep: Which is Best for You?

Google Tasks and Google Keep are great for creating and organizing your tasks. However, to answer which app is better, you need to determine the type of user and what goals you are trying to achieve.

Google Tasks is perfect for those who love minimalism and want a clear digital to-do list as a task management app. Google Keep, on the other hand, is more visually appealing and customizable. It is ideal for those who want to add more detail and notes to their tasks.

Have you used Google Tasks or Google Keep before? Which one do you like more and why? Share your thoughts on the two Google task management apps in the comments section below.

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