How to Create a Simple Calendar in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a useful application for more than just creating documents. You can generate labelsto make greeting cardsmake a bookletand set fillable formsso why not make a calendar?

The great thing about creating a calendar in Word is that you have flexible options. Do you prefer standing or lying down? Do you want a year, month or week? Would an interactive calendar be useful?

We don’t just show you how to make a calendar in Word but give you several options to use the exact type of calendar you need.

Using a calendar template in Word

You can create a calendar from scratch by inserting a table, formatting it as a calendar, and adding the dates and months, but it’s not necessary. Microsoft Office offers several templates that you can use for your calendar. It allows you to create your own calendar in the Word desktop app or on the web and enjoy an interactive calendar if you are looking for one.

We explain how to find a calendar template directly in Word, but also include the web links if you prefer to create your calendar online or download it from the Internet.

Search for a calendar template in Word

You can view the calendar templates in Word on Windows, Mac, and the web. The process varies slightly.

Templates in Word on Windows

  1. Open Microsoft Word on Windows and choose House on your left. If you already have a Word document open, select File and then House
  2. Select More Templates at the right.
  1. Type “calendar” in the To search bar at the top and press your Enter key.
  1. Select a template to view more details about it. You can then use the arrows on the right and left to scroll through each option individually.
  1. If you see a template you want, choose To create, and your template is ready to use.

Note that if you select an interactive calendar, it will likely use macros, which you will need to enable at the top of the page to use the template.

Templates in Word on Mac

  1. Open Microsoft Word on your Mac and select FileNew from template in the menu bar.
  1. Type “calendar” in the To search box at the top right.
  2. Confirm that the Templates tab at the top is selected, then scroll through the options.
  1. Select the one you want, press To createand you are on your way!

Just like in Windows, if you select an interactive calendar that uses macros, you must enable it in the dialog box to use the template.

Templates in Word on the web

  1. Visit word on the web and sign up.
  2. Select More Templates and scroll through the options. If you see one you like, select it to open it online in Word.
  1. You can also browse additional templates. Scroll down and choose Discover all templates
  1. This will take you to Microsoft’s template site. You can then expand Browse by category on the left and choose Calendars to see all available options.
  1. Pick one to see the details and choose Open in browser to use it in Word on the web. To use it in the Word desktop app, choose To download instead of.

If you subscribe to Microsoft 365, you also have access to the premium templates. Plus, you can browse the Excel and PowerPoint calendar templates while you’re there!

Word Calendar Templates

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of Word calendar templates, each offering something different. Let’s take a look at different options!

For a clear, simple calendar, look at the banner calendar† This one gives you one month at a time, in landscape view, with each month on a new page. It offers large pockets to note events or appointments.

Similar to the banner calendar this is: Horizontal calendar† It has one month per page and some quick start tips in the text box at the bottom. You can also look at the same calendar, but with a Monday start to your week instead of Sunday.

If you want to keep it basic, but with a little flair, check out the photo calendar† This one is more like a wall calendar with a photo area at the top to appear on your photo.

You might like the photo idea, but would rather have more space to write in the boxes. This one Family photo calendar appropriate. You can use your own small image at the top. It is a one month calendar and you simply choose the month name from the Calendar tab.

If you’re hoping to find a modern style in a calendar template, you’ll want this Calendar† Instead of boxes for every day, you have open spaces for a spacious feel. The calendar weeks run from Sunday to Saturday and you have a page for each month.

Are you looking for a calendar that shows the whole year on one page? The Family photo calendar (every year, 1 page) is ideal and provides spots for your photos.

Another calendar you might like if you want a year at a glance is the Birds on a Branch Yearly Calendar† The weeks start on Sunday and the birds at the bottom provide a nice subtle decoration.

When a digital option like Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar don’t, and you don’t want to hunt for a wall calendar, check out these options and others directly from Microsoft. You can create a calendar in Word that fits your needs and style with little to no effort.

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