How to Create Your Own Coupon Popup in WordPress

Online shopping has made it easy for consumers to search for the best prices. Coupons have a significant impact on purchasing decisions and other forms of action that web developers should include in web design.

90% of consumers use coupons, digital coupon redemption is expected to reach $91 billion by 2022, and more than 25 million Americans use coupons monthly to save money.

Why offer visitors a coupon popup?

Smart site owners know that offering customers a discount through a coupon is a powerful way to entice them into a purchase.

Everyone loves it very much. By offering coupons, brands can increase website activity, increase site conversions, and recover and convert abandoned carts.

Since WordPress (WP) is the most popular content management system, this article provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a WP coupon popup.

Use OptinMonster

Start making a OptinMonster account, installing and then activating the OptinMonster plugin for WordPress on your WP site.

Find the plugin in your WP admin dashboard, click on it and then connect it to OptinMonster.

Create a coupon popup with OptinMonster

  • Log in to the OptinMonster dashboard and click Create new campaign
  • In the Campaign type, select: pop up† The next screen will show you several professionally designed templates in different colors and layouts.
  • Choose the Coupon template to create a popup and click on it. Then select Using Templategive your campaign a name and choose the website where you want to use it.
  • Since you’ve already connected your website (above), you’ll see your site’s URL in the drop-down menu.
  • Select it and click Start building

Design coupon popup

Use the drag and drop builder to change the design, text, and colors of your coupon.

To change an element in the design, click on it. Make your edits on the left and they will be displayed in the preview popup on the right.

Close an element by clicking the House button or the X

Background Overlay

The color around your coupon popup is called the Background Overlay† To edit it, go to Optin SettingsChoose display styles

You can use the background style to a solid color or gradient fill. You can also add an image and change the border.

If you’re happy with how your coupon looks, click Save

How do customers receive your coupon?

After you’ve finished designing your coupon popup, you need to decide how you want to get the coupon to your customers.

OptinMonster recommends delivering it immediately with their Good luck view as per email. To use email, you must enable the integration of your email service provider.

In the Good luck view, you can also:

  • Add the coupon code as shown in the screenshot above.
  • Redirect visitors to another page to redeem the coupon.

Note that the Success view is the default button action. To use another option, change the button action by following the steps below:

  • Edit the button text.
  • click on Action.
  • below Form Success Promotion, click the drop-down list to see the available options. To redirect to a URL, type it in the field.

Choose display rules

To select where and when your visitors will see your coupon, go to the Show rules tab.

You can use different types of content, campaigns and exclusive offers on each page.

To learn more about using display rules, read: Use delivery rules to adjust when a campaign is displayed

Other WordPress Plugins for Building Popup Marketing Campaigns with Coupons

WP may offer other plugins to help you create your own coupon popup. Below are a few.

Download and install the Icegram WP plugin to create visually appealing custom opt-ins and calls-to-action using the steps below:

  • Log in to your WP dashboard.
  • click on Add new campaign from the Icegram option in the left sidebar.
  • Select one of the ready-made templates and click Example
  • If you like how it looks in preview mode, please click use this to start customizing the template.
  • When the campaign opens, click Messages and add or edit your message content.
  • Configure how and when your coupon popup will appear by clicking Show rules

The pop-up display options are:

Where: Choose where you want the coupon popup to appear.

  • All over the site
  • Homepage
  • Selected pages
  • Specific URLs on your site

When: Do you want the popup to always show or only as scheduled?

Device: Choose which devices will show the popup.

Who do you want to see the popup?

  • All users
  • Only logged in users
  • No users logged in

Retargeting: Want your coupon popup to show only once for each session?

After a visitor clicks on a CTA, do you want to show them your popup again or not?

  • Preview your form and settings and click To publish if it looks good.

Create your own coupon popup with Coupon Creator WP plugin.

Coupon Creator uses a custom post type and only requires a few settings. The free version allows users to view and print coupons for customers.

One of the free templates shows an image on the inner edge of the coupon. The standard free template has a space on the coupon for the deal, terms, and offer expiration date.

If you are looking for more features, there is also a pro version.

  • Download and install the plugin to create a coupon. Edit the Standard Coupon or add a new one.
  • Generate a coupon shortcode from the WP editor shortcode inserter.
  • Place your offer below Agreement. Enter your coupon deal conditions under Requirements.
  • To use the coupon, place the shortcode on a page or post where you want it to appear. If you assign an expiration date, the coupon will no longer be visible after the expiration date you set.

For a full list of WP Coupon popup plugins visit† Grow your email list, increase your social media following and increase sales by creating your own coupon popup on your WP site.

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