How To Fix “Unable To Obtain IP Address” Error On Android?

“Unable to obtain IP address” is a common network error you may experience on your Android phone. This error occurs when your phone is unable to obtain an IP address from your router. This is often a problem on your router, but sometimes your phone can be the problem.

A faulty DHCP server, minor network outages, problematic cache files, and MAC address filtering are the most common causes of the problem. We will walk you through the steps to potentially resolve your network issue.

Restart your router

Your router’s minor glitches are often the reason why your devices cannot obtain an IP address. This usually results in an “Unable to obtain IP address” error on an Android phone.

One way to get around these minor issues is to reboot your router. Doing so will disable your router’s features, including DHCP assigning IP addresses, and restart all those features.

You can turn off your Wi-Fi router by pressing the Current button on the device. If your router does not Current button, then use the power switch to turn your router off and then on again.

With certain routers you can perform a reboot by going to the router settings page in your web browser and selecting the restart option.

Toggle airplane mode on and off to fix the IP address getting error

Whenever you experience a network issue such as “Unable to obtain IP address”, it’s worth turning your phone’s airplane mode on and off again. Doing so will disconnect your phone from all your networks and then reconnect to all networks. This should fix most minor network issues with your device.

You can turn on airplane mode by pulling down from the top of your phone’s screen and selecting Flight mode† Then wait five seconds and turn the mode off again by pressing the Flight mode tile.

After toggling airplane mode on and off, your phone should connect to your network.

Forget and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network

If you are still getting the “Unable to obtain IP address” error on your Android phone, try forgetting your Wi-Fi network and reconnecting it. This will resolve any saved network configuration issues.

  1. Open Settings on your Android phone.
  2. Navigate to Wi-Fi and networkWi-Fi in Settings.
  3. Select the gear icon next to your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Tap To forget on your network’s page.
  1. back on the Wi-Fi screen, select your wireless network.
  2. Enter your network password and choose Connect At the bottom.

Your phone gets an IP address and connects to your network.

Clear the cache of Google Play services on Android

Google Play Services is an Android utility that provides core functionality to your installed apps and system functions. If you are experiencing system level issues such as “Unable to obtain IP address”, it is worth clearing the cache files of this utility.

The cache files may have gotten corrupted or become problematic due to various reasons. Erase the files should probably solve your problem and let you connect to your wireless networks successfully.

  1. launch Settings on your phone.
  2. go to Apps and notificationsView all appsGoogle Play Services
  3. Select the Storage & Cache choice.
  1. To elect Clear cache to clear the utility’s cache files.
  1. Restart your phone and connect your phone to your network.

Use a static IP address on your Android phone

Your Android phone receives a unique IP address from the DHCP function of your router. If that feature ever stops working or becomes problematic, your phone won’t get an IP address, resulting in the “Unable to obtain IP address” error.

One way to possibly solve that is by: use a static IP on your Android phone. This way, your phone already knows which IP address it should use when you connect your phone to your wireless network.

To configure a static IP address on Android:

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. go to Wi-Fi and networkWi-Fi and select your network.
  3. Select the pencil icon at the top of your screen.
  1. Fold the . from Advanced options menu and choose Static of the IP settings menu.
  2. Enter in the IP address field, (your router’s IP address) in the gate field, in the DNS 1 field, and in the DNS 2 field. Then tap Save to save your settings.
  1. Try connecting your phone to your Wi-Fi network.

Disable MAC filter for your MAC address

Most routers provide a MAC address filtering option that you can use to prevent certain devices from connecting to your network. Your Android phone showing “Unable to obtain IP address” error may be due to your phone being on MAC filter list.

This is an unlikely scenario, especially if you’ve never blocked MAC addresses on your router, but it’s worth checking just in case. You need to check your MAC block list and remove your Android phone from there. Once you’ve done that, your phone will connect to your network and get an IP address.

  1. Go to your router’s settings page by in the address bar of your web browser. This is the most common IP address for accessing a router’s settings page, but it may not work with all routers. Consult your router’s manual if this IP address does not open the settings page.
  2. Select wireless internet settings at the top of the router’s settings page. Your router may use a different name for this option, but it should be similar enough to find it. If your router options don’t appear at the top, they may be in the left or right sidebar on the settings page.

Remark: We use an iball 300M MIMO Wireless-N router in our examples. Your router’s interface looks different, but you should see a category to access wireless configuration with the same settings we’ll cover in this article.

  1. To elect Wireless MAC Filtering from the sidebar on the left.
  2. Select your Wi-Fi network in the Select SSID field, choose Turn of in the MAC address filter menu and select Okay
  1. Connect your Android phone to your wireless network.

Change the encryption method to WPA2-PSK for your network

Most routers offer multiple encryption methods to secure your network. Sometimes, some of these methods are not compatible with your Android phone, causing the “Unable to obtain IP address” error.

In this case, change your router’s wireless security mode to something that is widely compatible, such as WPA2-PSK. That should solve your problem.

  1. Open your router’s settings page, usually found at, in your web browser. Again, this is the most common IP address to access a router’s settings page. If this doesn’t work for you, check your router’s manual to find the correct IP address.
  2. Select wireless internet settings on the top. If you don’t see this option, it may be called something else on your router, but it should be something similar. Also look for the option in the left or right sidebar if you don’t find it at the top.
  3. To elect wireless security from the sidebar on the left.
  4. Select WPA2-PSK in the Safety mode drop-down menu on the right.
  1. Select Okay at the bottom to save your settings.

Reset network settings on your Android phone

If your Android phone is still showing the “Unable to obtain IP address” error message, there is likely a problem with your phone’s network settings. You can restore these settings by performing a network reset.

A network reset will erase all your network-related settings and allow you to reconfigure them. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Navigate to SystemReset options in Settings.
  3. Tap Reset Wi-Fi, Cellular and Bluetooth
  1. To elect Reset settings
  1. Connect your phone to your Wi-Fi network when your settings are reset.

Make sure your Android device gets an IP address

Android’s “Unable to obtain IP address” error prevents you from accessing the internet on your phone. If you ever experience this problem and are having trouble getting an IP address for your phone, try the methods described above.

Your phone will then connect successfully connect to your network so that you can access the Internet.

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