Reverse a video for a cool effect

There are many ways you can spice up a video using editing techniques, and a popular effect used in countless projects is a reverse video. You may have used this elsewhere and want to recreate it yourself. Fortunately, this is quite easy if you use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro

Once you know how to reverse a video, you can get creative and make it your own. This effect is good for something like music videos or if you’re doing another more artistic edit. In this article, you’ll learn how to rewind a video clip and include it in your editing project.

Reverse a video clip

Before you start, make sure you import the video clip(s) you want to rewind into your project. You do this by going to the Media Browser and select the clips you want to use. After placing them in your timeline, you can start rewinding any video clip you want.

  1. Locate the clip in your timeline that you want to reverse and right-click on it.
  1. Select the Speed/Duration choice.
  1. A small window will appear. You will see options for: SpeedDurationand some options you can select. To rewind your video, check the Reverse Speed box.
  1. You can also change the speed of your video with a percentage next to the Speed choice. You can click and drag right to speed up the video and left to slow it down or double click to enter a value.
  1. If you know how long you want the clip to be, you can set the duration instead. In addition to the Duration option, change the time value by clicking and dragging or by a . to enter Speed where the. Select OKAY.

Premiere also automatically reverses the audio on the clip to match. However, you can always change the audio or add music or voiceovers to replace it if you wish.

Reverse part of a clip

Adobe Premiere also allows you to reverse part of an entire clip. There are only a few steps left in the process.

  1. Select the Razor tool after you add the clip you want to reverse.
  1. Find the moment in the clip where you want it to start backing up and make a cut there.

The next step depends on the desired effect.

To create a boomerang effect:

  1. Delete the rest of the clip, right click on the remaining part and select To copy
  1. Move the blue timeline cursor to the end of the remaining clip. Go to edit To stick until insert a copy of the clip.
  1. Right click on it and select Speed/Duration and check off reverse speed, and select Okay

For the opposite of a boomerang effect:

  1. Right click on the first clip that was copied and go to Speed/Duration
  1. Check off Reverse Speed and select Okay

Then, to pause the clip, have that part reversed:

  1. Delete the part of the clip you don’t want to use. Then place your timeline cursor over the very last frame of the clip (you can move frame by frame using the left and right arrow keys) and right click on it.
  1. Select Add hold frame† Make sure it is placed right after the clip you are using. You can extend the save length by hovering your mouse at the end of it until you see a red arrow icon, then click and drag it out.
  1. Right click on the original first clip and select To copy† Move the cursor to the right after the frame-hold clip and then go to edit To stick
  1. Right click on the copied clip and go to Speed/Duration, and check off Reverse Speed† Then select Okay

The effects you add from the Speed/Duration window are applied after you select Okay† Then replay your edited video to make sure it looks the way you want it to. If you need to edit again, you can always go back to the Speed/Duration window to do so.

Delete a chargeback?

If you decide that the reversed video image doesn’t look right, you can remove this effect from the video and it will go back to normal.

  1. Locate the clip you reversed. It’s easy to find if the fx icon has turned yellow.
  1. Right click on the clip and go to Speed/Duration
  1. In the Speed/Duration window, uncheck the box Reverse Speed
  1. Select Okay to remove the reversal.

These steps are a great way to undo a video if you have other effects you don’t want to lose. However, if you want to start over with the clip, you can also delete it completely from the timeline and insert the original clip from the Project panel.

Flip a video for visual impact

The reverse effect was already there video editing for a long time, and it can be useful for many different purposes. For example, you can create an inverted timeline of an event or simply invert a video for comedic effect. Try it out in your video editing project to quickly add some flair and intrigue.

Tell us how you used this technique in a comment below.

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