The next major version of Windows 11 is available as a stable version (but not for everyone)

The next major Windows 11 update is officially available as a stable version. However, Windows 11 22H2, which has build number 22621, is currently only available in the program that allows users to: Insiders preview stable versions of future Windows updates.

For the general public, it will have to be patient for a while, as Microsoft has planned a gradual rollout of its update in the coming months. However, if you don’t want to wait, you can install this update on your PC today by joining the Insider Program and selecting the Preview Channel. Windows 22H2 build 22621 should then be offered as an optional update in Windows Update, provided, of course, that your machine meets the criteria Microsoft requires to install Windows 11.

With this new version of Windows, Microsoft is introducing new features, revising the interface of certain applications and correcting certain errors made when Windows 11 was launched. Here are the main ones.

Folders in the Start menu

For starters, managing the items that appear in the Start menu should be a little easier. Indeed, in this build 22621, Microsoft inaugurates the possibility to create folders there by dragging the icon from one application to another, a good way to keep your most important applications at your fingertips, and above all to directly open a Start menu. to keep.

The return of drag and drop on the taskbar

At the launch of Windows 11, the Redmond company had removed the ability to drag and drop content to the taskbar, a feature that is very useful for performing certain common operations quickly.

If hacks were introduced by developers and annoyed users, drag and drop on the taskbar is making a comeback in Windows 22H2.

Fast Bluetooth connection

One of the other notable improvements introduced in Windows 22H2 is the arrival of a quick connect button for Bluetooth devices. From the Windows quick settings panel, you can now quickly connect a device via Bluetooth by clicking the icon with a small arrow, as you currently do to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

A new task manager

The Windows 11 Task Manager evolves. The module abandons the outdated tab-based interface in favor of a more discrete icon bar, grafted onto the left side of the window, design more in-phase with Windows 11’s graphical codes. Most importantly, this new version of Task Manager now supports native OS dark theme .

In addition, this new task manager introduces the Efficiency Mode option that allows you to lower the priority of processes that may require too many resources.

Windows 22H2

Window docking easier to use

The window docking module, which allows you to resize open windows and place them on the screen on a schedule, is now easier to use. If you previously had to hover over the window’s zoom button to open it, now all you need to do is drag the window to the top part of the screen to reveal the various anchoring options.

Windows 22H2

Live Subtitles

With Windows 11 22H2, your PC can now caption everything. Microsoft is indeed integrating in this update an automatic captioning function, which is generated locally on your PC. Specifically, the system designed by Microsoft is capable of transcribing spoken content from any source.

Windows 22H2

The option, which works without an internet connection and can be activated from Windows 11 settings or using the Windows + Ctrl + L keyboard shortcut, will be particularly useful for keeping the thread going during a video conference meeting. However, keep in mind that it’s only available in English at first.

New gestures for tactile navigation

This new version of Windows is also an opportunity for Microsoft to introduce new touch gestures for easier navigation on devices equipped with a touch screen. With this build 22621 you can open the Start menu by swiping from the taskbar to the top of the screen, swiping to the right or left of the screen from the Start menu to switch pinned items to the full list of installed apps , or swipe up or down from the bottom right corner of the screen to show or hide the quick settings panel.

New options for Teams

If you use Microsoft Teams ( with your colleagues from offices or in your family circle, you can now mute the microphone by pressing the icon of the latter directly from the Windows system tray. When Teams is running, it’s also possible to quickly share the contents of an open window on your desktop by hovering over the icon on the taskbar.

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