Want to catch more creatures in Pokémon GO? That’s it right him

We will see with this method another way of capturing creatures, which will make us better trainers and with more resources. It is a relatively well-known method, but not everyone uses it.

What are Bait Mods?

Like incense it is a way to attract more pokemon to the spot we marked so that we have more opportunities to catch creatures without having to search the area so much. Ace attracts more Pokemon, increasing the spawn speed throughout the area, but beware, because it serves all players present so it is beneficial for both parties.

ace only works in PokéStops † We have to approach the one that interests us the most and open it to see an icon that will allow us to anchor a bait. All bait goes 30 minutes except some found in Special Investigations.

Types of bait modules and how they are obtained

We not only have one type, but there are up to 4 variants of bait modules which we can link or open, in case another player placed it. Each of them has characteristics and attracts certain types of Pokemon based on those specifications. Let’s take a look at them all and see how they can be achieved:

Normal Bait Module

It is the most common of all. The effect knows how to attract close to pokemon and other strangers , ideal for increasing our Pokédex. It’s unlocked on trainer level 8 and to achieve this, it is necessary to have 100 Pokécoins in the store or via a prize during raids or special investigations.

Want to catch more creatures in Pokémon GO?  That's it right him

Glacier Race Module

Its use is intended, as reflected in the typology, to attract, Water and Ice-type Pokémon † Its greatest utility is that it doesn’t need to be placed in a PokéStop near water such as a lake, but Niantic has randomly snowflakes Bee different stops. In addition, this bait can influence the evolutions of certain Pokémon when the PokéStop’s Photodisk is turned. To achieve this, you need to spend 200 Pokécoins or complete missions in special researches.

Want to catch more creatures in Pokémon GO?  That's it right him

Mossy bait module

The aim is to attract and find Bug, Grass or Poison type pokemon. PokéStops suitable for this bait are represented by a green leaf. It can also affect the evolutions of specific Pokemon if we run the PokéStop’s Photo Disc. We also need to spend 200 Pokécoins in the store or get them in special surveys.

Want to catch more creatures in Pokémon GO?  That's it right him

Magnetic Bait Module

It is effective in attracting Electric, steel and stone type pokemon. Its application is recognized by the confetti coming around it with silvery and rectangular shapes. Like the others, this bait module has evolutionary traits in certain Pokémon that are determined by spinning the PokéStop’s photo disc. Likewise, if we have 200 Pokécoins, we can buy them from the store or complete missions in Porfesor Willow’s special investigations.

Want to catch more creatures in Pokémon GO?  That's it right him

Using Bait Mods in a PokéStop

It is a simple and easily automated method. Of course, if we know how to master the application of a module in a PokéStop, we can be one of the best trainers, both for attracting and trapping creatures, as well as for obtaining other elements like candies † While this is an option that usually appears on the screen automatically when we approach a PokéStop, it isn’t always the case.

Want to catch more creatures in Pokémon GO?  That's it right him

In some cases, when we want to use a module, the screen may show us a message like: “this cannot be used here” † In this case, don’t worry, so we just need to access the Poképarada in question, where we will see an option throughout the menu that displays a message “empty space, a module can be placed » † We’ll add one of the bait modules that we have in Pokémon GO and we’ll just have to wait a little while.

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