Want to see your email from last week? Search Outlook by date

How many times have you opened Microsoft Outlook and thought, “show me my emails from last week”? Searching for an email you need can be time consuming, especially if you don’t flag it or move it to a specific folder when you receive it.

While you can quickly sort your inbox by date, this isn’t helpful if you receive dozens of emails a day. With Microsoft Outlook’s built-in search and filtering tools, you can find the exact email you are looking for. Let’s take a look at how to search Outlook by date in both the web and desktop applications.

Search Outlook by date on the web

If you use Outlook on the web, visit the site and log in if necessary. Then follow these steps to find emails by date.

  1. To the left of the To search box at the top, choose All to choose a specific mailbox or folder, and select the down arrow on the right to open the filter options.
  1. Search in the filter section for Date from and type the start and end dates for your date range. You can also click the calendar icons to use pop-up calendars.
  1. Add any other criteria you like to narrow the search results and press the To search knob.

You will then see your results, including all emails received and sent.

Search Outlook by date in Windows

The interface for Outlook on Windows is similar to that on the web, but you will notice slight differences in the field labels.

  1. Go to the To search box at the top. You should see an option for Current mailbox to switch mailboxes or subfolders directly, but you can also do this in the filter section.
  2. Select the filter button within the To search box.
  1. When the filter fields appear, look for the Receive entry. Type the start and end date range for the email you need. You can also use the pop-up calendars to choose the dates by selecting the arrow next to each date field.
  1. To find emails you’ve sent instead of the emails you’ve received, use the Sent drop-down list to choose an option such as Today, Yesterday, Last Week, or This Month.
  1. If you want to add more criteria to further refine the results, you can use the additional fields in the filter section.
  2. When you’re done, press the To search knob.

You will then see your search results with those emails in the period you entered. You can confirm this date range by looking in Outlook To search box.

Search Outlook emails by date on Mac

If you use Outlook on Mac, you can search by date and quickly find emails in both classic and new Outlook versions on macOS.

Search emails in Classic Outlook

The classic version of Outlook on Mac is similar to Outlook on Windows, but the search and filtering work a little differently.

  1. Place your cursor in the To search field at the top for the . to activate To search tab.
  1. In the ribbon on the To search tab, use the Date Received or Date sent drop-down arrow. You can choose a quick option such as Today, This Week or This Month and see the results immediately.
  1. To use a custom date range or a specific date, choose: After in the Date drop-down list.
  2. Enter the start date to see all emails after that date. To use a range, select the plus sign on the right to add the due date criteria.
  3. To elect Date Received or Date sent in the first drop-down list, Before in the second and then enter the end date in the date field.

You will then see the results with your specific date range for emails received or sent, depending on your choice.

When you’re done, select Close search in the ribbon.

Search emails in the new Outlook

If you’re using the new version of Outlook on Mac, search and filtering work just like Windows and the web.

  1. Go to the To search box at the top, optionally choose a mailbox or folder using the Current mailbox drop-down list and select the filter icon.
  1. When the filter fields are displayed, go to the Date section. Use the drop-down list to choose a range, such as the last seven or 30 days, the last six months, or custom dates.
  1. If you select: Custom Datesenter the start and end dates for the range or use the icons to choose from the pop-up calendars.
  1. Add any other criteria you want to use and select To search

You will then see your results within the date range you selected. This includes all emails received and sent.

Instant search in Outlook

While the search options and filtering tools are the friendliest methods of finding emails, you can also search directly by typing directly into the search bar.

In Outlook desktop or web, you can use the following types of searches to find email messages received by date. Just enter one in the To search field and press your Enter or Yield key.

  • received:today (no spaces)
  • received:yesterday
  • received:12/1/2021..1/1/2022 (two dots between the dates)
  • received: 2021/12/1..2022/1/1
  • received:12/12/2021 (yyyy as year format)
  • received: 2021/12/1

As you can see, you can use words for a quick search, such as “today” or “yesterday.” In addition, you can enter a date range or a specific date with different date formats.

To find emails you sent by date instead, replace “received” with “sent” in the search.

If you want to search Outlook by date, the process is easy on Windows, Mac, and the web. Whether you want to find items from today, yesterday, or last month, or use the advanced search for a date range, Outlook has the search tools you need.

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