Windows 11: Should You Switch To It? What benefits, what risks?

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Last November, a survey revealed that a small fraction of PC users had switched to Windows 11. And the adoption rate of the new operating system is far from consistent, six months after its launch. The company AdDuplex focuses on applications downloaded from the Microsoft Store and states that 80% of Windows 10 PCs still have not switched to Windows 11.

This data provides only a limited snapshot of all users, some of whom do not use the Store to download applications. They nevertheless illustrate well the disenchantment with the new operating system. Is this justified? Do we really need to take the plunge and adopt the brand new operating system? This is what we will see in this article.

Windows 11: a successful design?

Let it be said, Windows 11 is primarily a graphics upgrade. The windows are now complete and the chosen themes (such as dark mode) unfold harmoniously throughout the operating system. Bereft of its outdated tiles, the Start menu — which is now located in the center of the taskbar — is paved with application icons. A real gain in clarity! Same story on the side of the settings panel or context menu (right click), much more intuitive. The different sections of the settings have been simplified and it is still possible to activate God Mode to centralize everything.

Additionally, anchoring windows is now easier to orchestrate, which will appeal to multitaskers looking to optimize their screen’s grid. The Aero Snap actually makes it much easier to glue your windows to the edges, suggesting a number of layouts in particular. A devilishly effective tool! Another feature that is easier to activate is switching between multiple separate offices (e.g. one for work and one for leisure).

verdict. In short, the interface of Windows 11 is much more modern than its predecessor, which will give a definite boost to your productivity. After taking the fold, the longtime followers of Windows 10 should find their account there.

Windows 11: A Microsoft Store at the Level?

Other positives also include support for Android apps through the Amazon Appstore. A flagship new feature of Windows 11 that only started implementation across the Atlantic last February. It will therefore still be necessary to wait before you can enjoy it in our regions if you have the required configuration. A delay in ignition is nevertheless disadvantageous.

Aside from the Amazon Appstore, the Microsoft Store now has a much more streamlined and fluid interface that does justice to the aesthetic advances made across the operating system. In addition, we appreciate the cleaning in the Store that was previously filled with infected applications. Distrust nevertheless, as the application store still contains malware. Recently, one of them was hiding in a game application, Check Point revealed.

verdict. The support for Android applications and the redesign of the Microsoft Store play in favor of Windows 11. But the former is not available with us yet, so Microsoft is leaving us hungry.

Windows 11: is your configuration sufficient?

If you have a not very recent machine that notably does not have a TPM 2.0 module, you will not be able to install the new OS. A restrictive configuration that puts some computers on the side of the road, which partly explains the low adoption rate. Note that there is a method to install Windows 11 on an incompatible PC. But this is not recommended as you will no longer receive security updates. Compatibility issues can also arise, warns the Redmond giant.

As a reminder, here are the requirements to install Windows 11:

Figure 2: Windows 11: Should You Switch to It?  What benefits, what risks?
Credit: Microsoft

You can also install PC Health Check, a handy free utility that checks if your PC is configured correctly for Windows 11.

verdict. If your computer is too old and/or does not have the correct configuration, do not force it and stay on Windows 10. The end of technical support for the operating system is scheduled for October 14, 2025, which leaves you time. Interesting as they are, Windows 11’s new features aren’t numerous enough to encourage you to take the plunge at all costs.

Windows 11: is the installation risky for my data?

Many users are hesitant to install Windows 11 for fear of losing their data or not being able to get it back. Rest assured that all Windows files, drivers, applications and settings will be preserved if you choose a “total upgrade”. And if you want to get away from it all, you can also save everything to OneDrive. Extra security that doesn’t eat bread.

verdict. When we installed Windows 11 on our computer, everything ran smoothly. Files, software and games did not disappear during the upgrade.

Windows 11: Performance Sawtooth?

In addition, Microsoft had assured that Windows 11 would improve your PC’s performance in both game and office mode. But what is it? It is true that when the operating system was released, some AMD processors saw their in-game performance drop by 15%. In addition, we had run lab tests that confirmed that Windows 11 was slower than Windows 10, even if the differences were at least slight. The performance drops in the game were mainly caused by the Virtualization-Based Security feature, which can also be disabled.

verdict† With updates and patches, Windows 11 now seems better armed as it has closed the performance gap with the old OS. In some cases, it could even take over Windows 10, as our colleagues at Tom’s Hardware point out.

If by any chance your PC does not support the operating system, delays that parasitize your navigation, know that you can go back in full. On this side, we’ll explain how you can revert to Windows 10 if you’ve already installed Windows 11.


Windows 11 still includes important new features, especially in the areas of aesthetics and productivity. In short, it’s more of a major renovation of Windows 10 than a new operating system in its own right. So, after changing a few stubborn habits, you should thrive.

Still, Windows 11 is far from revolutionary. So there is no point in rushing there if your configuration is not enough or you are still very attached to Windows 10.

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